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Use this handy checklist of the best web design practices to make sure your site is working hard for your business…

1. Immediately Communicate What You Offer

People make up their minds about a site in 5 seconds or less. Make sure that they instantly understand what you offer and how you can help them.

2. Use Snappy Copy

People skim the web. Use bite-sized pieces. Keep it short and action-oriented and use blogs for lengthier articles.

3. Create Strong CTAs

Calls-to-Action are often buttons such as Buy Now, Contact Us or Sign Up. A strong CTA will inspire your visitors to act and funnel them in the right direction.

4. Use Quality Photos

Photos tell your story instantly. Don’t use sub-par images when there are so many incredible sources from stock to your local photographer. Your photos should be unique, memorable, professional and convey your message clearly.

5. Keep Branding Consistent

Branding and the design collateral should be unified. When your logo, color palette, copy writing voice, photography, font type are unified and consistent, your brand appears strong and professional.

6. Make Your Site Load Quickly

In this day and age of crazy busy, nobody’s got the time to wait! It’s up to your web designer to help create a site that has optimized images and streamlined code. If you’re not sure if how your website compares, use a performance tool such as GTMetrix to find out.

7. Optimize for Search Engines

Your web designer or SEO expert should strategically craft titles, headings, ALT text for images, and descriptions so search engines can index your page and show it in the results.

8. Make it Mobile Friendly

As of August 2019, more than 50% of people are using phones to view websites. It’s imperative that your site is responsive – meaning it can display clearly on mobile, tablet, and desktop. Source: Statcounter

9. Make it Easy to Navigate

Your top menu should have 4-6 menu options, max. People shouldn’t have to hunt or be overwhelmed by disorganization.

10. Capture Email Addresses

Entice people to sign up for your email list by providing something of value — an expert opinion, a freebie download or useful printable. This way you can tap into the gold mine of people who actually want to hear from you!

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