If you feel like marketing is overwhelming, you’re not alone!

There are TONS of ways to promote your business: your website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube,  email campaigns, Google and Facebook ads, search engine optimization, brochures, advertisements, networking, TV commercials — the list goes on. All these endeavors involve a learning curve. And most business and non-profit professionals already have enough on their plate.

What’s a business owner to do? First things first: let’s assume your brand is polished and ready to present to the world. Next, when it comes to the variety of marketing efforts available, hiring a marketing partner helps your organization gain fresh ideas, insights into your audience, and the BEST strategies to connect with them. Plus, it gives you time to focus on your business, providing peace of mind that your message is in expert hands.

A full-service marketing agency’s job is to partner with you. They provide expertise and ideas for strategic planning and implementation of your marketing.

And because an agency will help free up time for your business-building tasks, hiring a team of experts can be one of the most cost-effective ways of boosting your efforts and reaching your greater goals.

Benefit: Fresh Perspective

1. Gain fresh perspective and ideas from a dedicated team

As many business owners know…it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture when you’re immersed in the day-to-day nitty-gritty — every day, all year long.

A full-service marketing agency offers a fresh and wide perspective, shining light on the strengths and competitive advantages that you may take for granted. Likewise, an agency can identify hidden challenges in your niche, and offer unique problem-solving experience.

A marketing agency will have a broader skill set than an individual freelancer. A team not only brings their strengths and expertise in core areas, but also, efforts translate from business cards to brochures to website to social media campaigns. Everything is unified and cohesive.

Hiring a marketing group can help deliver clarity and a map for navigating efforts in your unique business or non-profit landscape. The dedicated team of experts will brainstorm ideas and solutions to take your marketing endeavors to the next level.

At Ruby Slipper, we’ve helped over 250 businesses and nonprofits achieve their marketing goals. Get in touch to learn more about our Discovery session, where we listen and identify your unique challenges and objectives. During this strategic phase, we explore your target audience, opportunities, competitors, project parameters, and offer feedback for success.


Benefit: Let the markeing experts take the reins

2. Let the experts take the reins, so you can focus on your business

If thoughts of “search engine optimization” or “updating website plugins” or “executing a Google Ad campaign” make your head spin, it’s time to bring in a team of experts.

And honestly, a lot of people think they can do it themselves. But there is a time-consuming learning curve and the output could be less than professional.

Any full-service marketing agency worth their salt will know the ins-and-outs of the project. Web development? They will create a responsive website that sings with brand colors, graphics, and snappy copy — each page honed to win leads. Graphic design? They will know competitors, color psychology, the best printers. Web marketing? They will implement a targeted social media campaign, hone keywords, and up exposure.

Letting the experts take the reins frees up your time to check off the big to-dos on your list. Whether it’s tackling the strategic direction of your business, other projects, or allotting yourself more free time, when you leave the heavy lifting to an agency, it takes weight off your shoulders.

Our team of knowledgeable and experienced experts can quickly help get your marketing efforts off the ground. With Ruby Slipper’s design aesthetic, technical know-how, and strong communication skills, you can feel confident your marketing is in expert hands.


Benefit: Peace of Mind

3. Peace of mind

When you’re spending precious marketing dollars, it’s imperative that you feel confident with your branding, how you are connecting with your target audience, the overall execution, and the follow-up.

Imagine all marketing efforts in experienced hands.

Imagine freeing up your time to focus on important areas of your business and personal life.

Imagine being presented with a clear, easy-to-read marketing report each month that shows where your marketing strategy is paying off.

Imagine all the strategic and creative brainpower working 100% toward the success of your business!

When marketing is handled by a team that cares about your business and is working hard to get you results. Well, that kind of peace of mind is liberating!

Pro Tip – Look for great customer service!

An experienced agency will have honed their processes. And they’ll know that… successful design implementation occurs through listening, communicating, and planning.

Choose a full-service marketing agency that values your time and is committed to your business’s success. Before signing on, talk about timelines, project management, communication, and expectations.

A high-end marketing agency will be there to support you every step of the way, so you never feel confused, overwhelmed, or frustrated on your marketing journey.

At Ruby Slipper Designs, our signature Emerald Process is how we travel through any endeavor — whether it’s web design, a new logo, or an online marketing plan. On the journey, you’re consulted every step of the way.


Ready to learn more about how a dedicated marketing team can help you reach your goals? Hop on the yellow brick road! We’d love to talk about creating a highly-customized marketing plan that hinges on your goals, your budget, your resources and wins your company success!

We’re happy to be your guide, and would love to meet you.

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