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“This is a lineup of true professionals. The site is visually wonderful, targets multiple audiences, and provides a large amount of information and resources. I wholeheartedly recommend the Ruby Slipper team!”


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Your nonprofit is on a mission

You’re canvassing for donations, applying for grants, managing fundraising events, recruiting volunteers… And while you’re making a positive difference in the world, your online presence should act as your wing wo/man, trumpeting your mission, educating, and inspiring your supporters to take action.

That’s where we come in. We work for YOUR greater good. We bring our A-team to the table to create engaging and impactful web experiences that advance your message. We are experienced in the world of nonprofit website design — and believe in using our web powers for good.

Your website is your first impression

When your community comes knocking, what do they see? Answering this question (and others) is where we provide clarity. This is how we start every web journey. It’s a part of our proven Emerald Process — where strategy meets design, and goals meet action.

Reach your audience, nurture your supporters, and grow your organization with Ruby Slipper as your guide. Give us a call, and let’s work together to map your course to website wonderland.

Siskiyou Opioid Safety Coalition Website Design

Your organization is unique.

Your online presence should be too!

“The Ruby Slipper team completely transformed our website into an accessible, educational, and visually engaging piece of art. We are forever grateful to this group of creative and inspiring women who took our vision and made it an even better reality!”

We give a voice to your mission with…

Our Emerald Process

1. Discover

We explore the parameters of your project and discuss your goals, target audience, opportunities, challenges, and branding. This phase is about outlining the scope of your project journey.

2. Roadmap

This is a comprehensive plan of action, including the creative brief that pinpoints a strategy and timeline for reaching your goals, along with an outline of concrete pricing.

3. Create

We gather everything we need for the journey — text, photos, graphics — and embark on designs. We revise until it’s perfect!

4. Implement

For web design, our wonderful tech wizards build each page. We craft together your chosen text and photos, create calls-to-action, and test thoroughly on browsers and devices.

Measure & Grow
5. Measure & Grow

Time to map your methods for continued tracking and growth! Once your website is launched and marketing efforts are honed, we proffer a plan to measure your road to success.

“We are so pleased with the finished product. It’s everything we hoped it would be and includes some wonderful additions that we never even knew we wanted! We would definitely recommend Ruby Slipper.”

– Tina Campbell, Southern Oregon Head Start

Nonprofit website design

We are passionate about serving nonprofits, foundations, and values-based organizations. Our award-winning web agency located in Oregon is all about delivering high-end web, design, and marketing services.

We want your organization to ignite the spark that lives in each of our hearts and ultimately — to make a change for the better.

Our team of visionary experts brings strategic creativity to each project. We operate with heart, brains, and courage — which translates to impeccable design aesthetic, technical know-how, and innovative solutions. We value communication, collaboration, and of course, fun!

“Erin and the Ruby Slipper team were a delight to work with!”

– Clarissa Faust, Asante Health Network

Erin O'Kelley-Muck

Meet Our Team




Ashley is the embodiment of heart, and bringing concepts to life creatively makes her tick. Her joy is effusive and talents are immense, she has a passion for helping businesses develop and build their visual brand.




With her infectious optimism and breadth of know-how, Fiew makes the web glitter and come to life. She thrives where visual design and front-end web development come together to create smooth and memorable user experiences.




Dena is our talented web designer who works with a motto of form follows function. She loves creating clear, easy-to-navigate websites that visually captivate potential customers and help clients tell their unique story.




Rachel brings our clients’ brand voices to life. With over a decade of experience in copywriting and online marketing, she helps develop messaging and strategies that beam with clarity, intention and purpose.

“Ruby Slipper Designs took the Asante Foundation website to an entire new level. They made a website that was inviting, matched our branding concepts and a place for us to tell patient and donor stories. Erin and her team are wonderful to work with.”

– Desirae MacGillivray, Asante Foundation

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