Majoring In Beer

Looking for an education in the brewing industry? Come to Majoring in Beer — your one-stop shop to view multiple programs and find the perfect fit for your career in beer.

Majoring In Beer

Chris Cook and Vicki Purslow, powerhouses in marketing and higher education, are taking their Majoring In brand and shifting from wine to beer. For this site, they envisioned a one-stop shop for information about schools and programs in the beer industry. Their vision: create a comprehensive list of colleges and universities that focus on brewing science, production and engineering, business and hospitality. For a fee, programs can join Majoring in Beer to be showcased on their site.


Building on the Majoring in Wine site, the Ruby Slipper team decided which core content should transfer over, and which items should be created anew. It was critical to include the interactive school map, the featured listings, the valuable resources about scholarships, jobs, and internships, and of course, a way for schools to join. But beer is different than wine, and the site needed a hoppy-fresh look!


Launched in December 2020, the site has been welcomed by educational venues and students alike. Our plan is to grow the featured beer listings from around the world and make this site an invaluable resource for students, school counselors, and for college programs who wish to be featured. Cheers!




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December 2020




Welcome to our new sister site! Cheers, Majoring in Beer! Great work by Ruby Slipper Designs and Capiche Wine Marketing & PR!

– CHRIS COOK, Founder
Majoring In Beer

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