Majoring In Gaming

Looking for an education in game design or esports? Check out Majoring in Gaming — one website with multiple programs. Find the perfect fit for your path in gaming.

Majoring In Gaming

Chris Cook and Vicki Purslow, creators of Majoring in Wine and Majoring in Beer, set their sites on the explosive gaming industry. Their vision: to create a comprehensive list of colleges and universities that focus on esports (competitive play, management, coaching) and game design (game design / sim arts, computer science with a gaming emphasis, animation / interactive media, music /audio). For a fee, programs can join Majoring in Gaming to be showcased on this site.


The Ruby Slipper team knew we’d need an interactive school map so students could easily explore locations and fine-tune search criteria. The featured schools would be robust — complete with galleries, list of certificates and degrees, program info, and an easy way for students to get in touch. Plus we would need to show valuable resources about scholarships, jobs, and internships. Lastly, behind-the-scenes, we needed to create a way for schools to join.


Launched in March 2021, the site has been warmly received by students who love gaming and educational programs alike. The plan is to grow the featured listings and get all gaming and esport schools from around the world to join! This website will be an invaluable resource for school counselors, for students as they embark on their journey, and for schools who wish to feature their programs.





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March 2021




Majoring In Gaming

Working on our new website with Erin and her team was an absolute pleasure! Not only is she intelligent, creative and positive, she’s FUN! We especially appreciated the well-organized and thorough process she uses to keep things moving as well as the follow-up after the site is live.

– CHRIS COOK, Founder
Majoring In Gaming