Moving Into Harmony

Shawn Flot is a gifted physical therapist who combines Hatha yoga and manual therapy techniques. He wished for a site that conveyed his philosophy and unique approach  to treatment.


Shawn Flot is an extraordinary healer. He practices manual physical therapy, is versed in many forms of education, and also deeply devoted to the practice of Hatha Yoga.

I had the honor of being an accomplice in website design — Shawn is artistic with a vision of how he wants to share the message of his knowledge. He contacted brilliant photographers about images that speak volumes to him about the journey of moving to harmony. He personally created the icons on this site. Every choice he made has a reason. As you explore this site, we know you’ll feel Shawn’s passion and expertise.

My family also had the good fortune of working with him in a physical therapist aspect. I’ve seen many people for my lower back pain, but Shawn was utterly different, and is making a big change in the long run. My son broke his femur and returning to running brought some challenges. Shawn helped diagnose the issue and release the tension.

It’s not every day that one encounters a gifted healer like Shawn, nor does one have the joy of working creatively side-by-side. It is with honor that we bring you the new Moving Into Harmony website.




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August 2017



Physical Therapy

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“I can attest to this woman’s brilliance. My website has blossomed into what I’ve dreamed of, and still dreaming and creating with some unique pages. Erin is dynamic, always excited to work with me, and our team work has really paid off over and over again. Thank you Erin!”

– Shawn Flot, Physical Therapist
Moving Into Harmony