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Oregon Chardonnay

This lush site entices visitors to discover DANCIN vineyard’s world-class, award-winning chardonnay. Ruby Slipper was asked to craft a visual experience that shows the chardonnay wine-making story in Southern Oregon.

Oregon Chardonnay beckons wine lovers to fall in love with Chardonnay all over again.

Dan and Cindy Marca of DANCIN Vineyards have produced outstanding, award-winning Chardonnay—enough so that it is deserving of its own website.

This lush site entices visitors to discover world-class Chardonnay wine making in the Southern Oregon region.

Dive in and explore this beautiful and refreshing visual experience. Even better, come to DANCIN Vineyards to taste the wine and take in the splendor of the vineyard.




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December 2018



Commercial, Vineyard & Winery

Oregon Chardonnay

“We have collaborated with Erin on a site refresh as well as building a brand new website. Our experience with these two very different projects exceeded our expectations, and we would not hesitate in recommending Erin and Ruby Slipper Designs to anyone needing similar services!”

– Dan Marca, Principal
Oregon Chardonnay