Rogue Retreat

Rogue Retreat meets homeless and unsheltered people where they are and helps transform their lives. With a combination of creative housing, as well as wrap-around services, people’s lives are infused with support, as well as that essential ingredient to inspire change — hope.

Rogue Retreat

The first challenge is to explain who is homeless. How homelessness starts. How tough it is to get out. We knew we needed to take a heart-centered look at the issue of homelessness in our community. To dispel myths and stereotypes, and really paint the full picture.

Additionally, we needed to connect with at least 9 different audiences. Foremost, the homeless and unsheltered people in our valley. Then the amazing community partners who provide additional wrap-around services. Donors — to thank them for contributions and inspire giving. The community so they can take tours and see how Rogue Retreat operates. Leaders from other towns who want to emulate the program in their area. Job seekers, volunteers, and businesses who might be willing to invest in a day of service. The employees who tirelessly work to carry out the mission. Another challenge? How to gracefully accommodate all these groups.


Collaborating with Rogue Retreat, we took the deep dive into outlining goals, assessing the audiences’ needs, and looking for opportunities. We reviewed best-practice websites for inspiration — like Charity Water, Mobile Loaves & Fishes, and Asante Foundation (to name a few). We crafted the site structure and pinpointed technical functionality. Then we got to work creating! Web designs, copywriting, photo gathering. Everything came together as we invented how to best show and tell the Rogue Retreat story.


Launched in the sunny January of 2022, the site visually envelops visitors. The soothing palette of earthy greens, blues, and oranges is complemented by the incredible photos and videos in the Rogue Retreat library (many taken by their talented employee, Christopher Janisch).

In the new site, visitors immediately get the gist of what Rogue Retreat does: “not just housing people, but moving them forward in life.” We meet the dedicated staff who are called to move the mission forward. Community members are encouraged to sign up for a tour to see firsthand the impact Rogue Retreat has on the lives of participants. Hear directly from participants and donors. Learn about Hope University, where other communities are trained on how to set up a similar program.

If there is just one page you visit, please view Who Is Homeless? — and learn about “the well of homelessness.”

Most importantly, if you are experiencing homelessness, please visit the housing and shelter options and apply to Rogue Retreat online, or swing by their office during business hours.


Thank you to the small but mighty team at Rogue Retreat who poured themselves into this project. For your vision, your gratitude, your wisdom, and your passion. We are in awe of the team at Rogue Retreat and THANK YOU for what you do to help our unhoused neighbors!




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January 2022



2022 dotComm Gold Winner for Non-Profit Website

2022 Indigo Design Honorable Mention

2022 w3 Award Silver Winner for Best Home Page

2022 Davey Awards Silver Winner for Non-Profit

Rogue Retreat Logo

“We can’t recommend Erin and the Ruby Slipper team more for any website creation needs. They walked with us through, not only recreating our website, but also redefining our branding and messaging. The Ruby Slipper team made this whole process super simple and easy!”

-Christopher Janisch, Marketing Specialist
Rogue Retreat