Rose Hill B&B

This charming location in Eugene Oregon sits in the prized spot right across from King Estate Winery. There are no hotels for miles in any direction, or dining for that matter. Rose Hill B&B offers French inspired accommodations and culinary delights from their onsite chef. The website tells all…


In the Spring of 2019, the Rose Hill B&B was a dream. A vision of owner Sharon Kester and culinary pro Nancy Rodriguez of Chef in Wine Country. They wished to create a B&B in the heart of King Estate Winery territory. As building plans came together on Sharon’s family ranch, they sought the expertise of Chris Cook of Capiche Wine Marketing & PR, who assembled a marketing team.


Ruby Slipper dove in by exploring the best B&B sites in San Francisco, Portland, Napa, and Oregon wine country. We collaborated with the team at Maple Creative who created the logo. For design cues, we incorporated colors from the interior’s French Country decor, included Sharon’s favorite red rose — Mister Lincoln, and chose floral watercolor accents. Our goal was to give the overall flavor of the B&B — the rooms, cuisine, local activities — and encourage people make reservations.


An elegant website from top to bottom, each page lends a visual richness which conveys the spirit of the B&B and the area. Photos from professional David Gibb show breathtaking vistas, culinary delights, and let visitors meet the enchanting caretakers of this property. In addition to the Rose Hill story and sample menus, we are especially proud of the area attractions, which feature over 20 nearby wineries as well as a robust list of fun activities to do. We are especially thankful to Chris Cook of Capiche for her masterful writing and guidance. Enjoy!




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January 2020



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“Creating a brand new website can be scary—especially for non-techie clients. This could have been the case for my clients at Rose Hill B&B, but Erin’s kind and patient guidance paved the way for a straightforward and understandable approach. With her expert guidance, the project was completed on time and within budget with every detail attended to. Erin listened to our needs and deftly developed a site that embodied the B&B’s desired brand with room to expand as the business grows. My clients are delighted with the outcome—and we had fun along with way! Erin is delightful as well as talented. We highly recommend Erin and her team!”

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