Siskiyou Opioid Safety Coalition

The opioid epidemic affects us all — and Northern California has been especially hard hit. In 2016, this Coalition was founded to support and help those experiencing opioid use disorder. They now have over 100 members — health care providers, law enforcement, councilors, and more — whose work has made a real difference.

Siskiyou Opioid Safety Coalition

When the Coalition first called, they didn’t have a website but knew they needed one. Their coalition had grown from a single person to over 100 members in just 4 years. At the lead were RN’s Dani, the Coalition Facilitator, and Maggie, the Coalition Founder. As is typical in website development, one challenge at the outset was exploring which information to include. Another welcome challenge, unforeseen at the time, was the incredible depth of knowledge and content these two experienced nurses would provide!


The Ruby Slipper Discovery process to the rescue! We explored multiple opioid coalition and public safety websites — making notes of all best practices. We discussed the target audience: people ready to go into recovery, family members worried about loved ones, health care providers, and coalition partners. The goal of educating the community was extremely important (why do people become hooked on opioids?) as were the topics of overdose prevention and the best treatment methods. At the heart of this work is a message of kindness and compassion: this is about reducing the stigma around opioid addiction, and working towards solutions.


Voila! We crafted a custom-tailored, 35-page whopper, brimming with helpful information. Want to understand opioid addiction? Visit Opioids 101. Learn about medication-assisted treatment (which is highly effective) and the local providers who can assist. The section on harm reduction covers preventing overdoses, strategies for storing medicine safely, and a map of where to dispose of syringes. Health care providers can dive into resources about safely prescribing opioids. Meet the heroes who built and operate this coalition. And most powerfully, there are stories of REAL people, brave courageous folks in Siskiyou county, some of whom have conquered demons and come out the other side, others who have lost loved ones. Their tales make a lasting impact. We hope this serves the community and the coalition, and provides a beacon of hope.




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November 2020




Siskiyou Opioid Safety Coalition

“Working with Erin and the design team at Ruby Slipper has been a transformational experience. This is a lineup of true professionals that work with a client to move through the process of creating a website with ease. They actively lead the approach to create an exemplary and innovative website for our coalition, keeping us on task along the way. The site is exactly what we were hoping for and more; it is a visually wonderful, multilayered site that targets multiple audiences and provides a large amount of information and resources. I wholeheartedly recommend that anyone who desires a cutting-edge web site work with the Ruby Slipper team!”