West Coast Fencing Archive

The West Coast has a magical history of fencing, but as the decades roll by, stories are at peril to fade from memory. Thankfully, Archive historian Doug Nichols is collecting photos and writing stories to preserve the lore.

The West Coast has a rich history in the sport of fencing – and here you can meet the cast of characters whose stories leap to life when described by archivist Dough Nichols.

Spurred by the collection left by Fencing Maestro Charles Selberg, this online digital collection portrays stories, photos, tournaments, clubs, memorabilia and more.

Meet the Fencers and Masters, such as:

  • Helene Mayer — born in Germany, schooled in Southern California, and with her Jewish heritage, competed in the Olympics in 1936 on behalf of the Germans!
  • Michael D’Asaro — master fencer and Haight-Ashbury hippie.
  • George Pillar — Hungarian fencer, world champion, and Olympian who defected to the US in 1956.

The Archive is operated by Doug Nichols who hunts for additions to the collection, Gregory Lynch Jr. who created the first iteration of this website and filmed two of the fencing documentaries, and Mark Headley who trained with Maestro Charles Selberg.

Ruby Slipper is honored to have been entrusted with this assignment. What a joy to showcase the gorgeous old photos and feature over 100 of Doug’s articles. We hope fencing fans grab their tablet, settle into a comfy chair, and immerse themselves in the lore.

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West Coast Fencing Archive

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– Doug Nichols, Archivist
West Coast Fencing Archive