Wickenburg Community Hospital Foundation

Wickenburg Community Hospital serves an area of 3,300 square miles in rural Arizona. Their Foundation provides critical fundraising to help the hospital offer city-caliber services to its beloved community.

Wickenburg Community Hospital Foundation Website

The Foundation’s Executive Director Erika Braaksma knew they would need a stand-alone website to help with fundraising initiatives. The old website had been nestled within the hospital’s framework, which was potentially disorienting for donors navigating through all the other content. Erika and Board Chair Jay Farquhar knew Ruby Slipper had created the Asante Foundation website, and reached out to us.


We quickly learned that Wickenburg is a spirited community filled with neighborly goodwill and a tight-knit group of residents. The new site would need to authentically resonate with the rural Arizona communities. As such, we decided to feature as much custom photography as possible, showcase stories about locals who have been saved by hospital services, and communicate the breadth and depth of their fundraising projects.


“This feels like us.”

When Erika, Jay, and their newest employee April Taylor shared the website with friends and family, the kudos began pouring in. Among all the kind words, the message that “this feels like us” let us know we’d hit our mark.

The ability to easily donate is of course a top goal, and one that we achieved with our bold Donate button and many ways to give. It’s clear to understand the projects that support the hospital by looking at Funding Areas as well as the Foundation’s history page. Annual fundraising events are prominently featured and include beautiful photos by Sam Erdmann, a longtime Arizona resident.

We love this creation and know it will serve as a beacon of information as the Foundation works hard to support their local hospital.




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February 2023

Wickenburg Hospital Foundation

“The team at Ruby Slipper defied our wildest expectations! Erin is flexible and responsive. She kept us focused, especially when delays threatened to derail our progress. She kept us motivated and on task. Rachel is the ultimate collaborator. When our progress slowed due to various circumstances, Rachel picked up the slack and ensured we met every deadline. Dena absorbed our feedback and mirrored it back with designs that were exactly what we wanted. I cannot recommend this team enough. Building a website from scratch is laborious. The team at Ruby Slipper made it a pleasure.”


Erika Braaksma, Executive Director
Wickenburg Community Hospital Foundation