It has been an amazing experience to work in the web design field for the past 22 years.

We are proud of what Ruby Slipper has accomplished!

When we started in 2002 with our first clients — The Clothesline book in Denver, Colorado and Village Shoes in Ashland, Oregon — we could not have pictured how this web journey would unfold. 

  • Over 300 websites
  • A team of 8 people
  • Twenty-eight design award
  • A bevy of 5-star reviews
  • The dreamiest client list a person could imagine
  • A Black Marketing Agency article that catapulted into Google’s ranks and helped those companies earn business



And now, we find ourselves at a crossroads.

On June 30, 2024, after 22 years of serving the most incredible clients, we will be closing our doors. 

We want to say thank you.

Thank you to our clients for entrusting our team to showcase the powerful work you do in the world. Nonprofits are vital in serving our communities’ needs. We appreciate you wholeheartedly!

Thank you to our team members for sharing your gifts with me and with the world. You all are dynamic, professional, heart-driven dynamos and we’re so fortunate to have created this one-of-a-kind circle. Thank you Rachel, Ashley, Dena, Fiew, Laura, Linnea, Wes, and our longtime partner, Dana Bandy of Happy Dog. 

Thank you to our community of supporters for being our champions. For recommending us to your colleagues. For high-fiving us on social media. For sharing that you are proud of the work we’re doing. We could not have done it without you.

Thank you to the stewards who will continue the work that Ruby Slipper started!

We know this news feels sudden, and yet, it’s been slowly unfolding.

In April, after much deliberation and reflection, we decided to shut our doors. It was not an easy decision to make. Not by a long shot.

In May, we reached out personally to every one of our clients to share this news – and to ensure that our clients are moving forward in good hands. 

It’s now June, and we’re sharing the news with our community, plus doing the intricate work of shutting our doors.

In July, it will be a new world for our team!

ruby slipper team goodbye

What’s next…

We are SO excited that Linnea will usher our current client work forward via her web design company Sweet Thistle in Vermont! She will continue to work with many of the incredible members of the OG Ruby Slipper team. Thank you, Linnea! 

Rachel is at the helm of her company, Koning Digital Marketing

Fiew continues to offer freelance web development. On Friday evenings and Saturdays, she works at the delicious Charm Thai Kitchen in Phoenix.

Laura will continue to offer operational and administrative services through her own company.

Ashley will keep creating branding and custom designs for organizations and businesses as a freelancer.

Dena is transitioning careers and will graduate from the Sedona School of Massage in June!

Dana continues to run Happy Dog Hosting, and is still there for all our wonderful clients!

And for Erin, she will be stepping into a brand new role as the Executive Director of the Ashland Climate Collaborative! She’s excited to take it step by step, invigorated by this opportunity, and connecting with our community to reduce climate impact and build a more equitable and resilient path forward.

Erin O'Kelley executive Director of the Ashland Climate Collaborative

With our deepest thanks – we wish you the very best!


Erin and the Ruby Slipper Crew

Erin O'Kelley Muck, owner of Ruby Slipper Designs

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