At Ruby Slipper, we are committed to supporting and promoting Black-owned businesses and organizations. Here we showcase Black-owned marketing agencies from across the United States that are helping clients boost their community presence.


KSW Social Media Management


KSW Social Media Management

KSW Social Media Management, a boutique social media management company based in Las Vegas, is the product of a true social media lover and online community builder. Founder Kalea Sanders-Wright thrives on collaboration, organization, and good relationships. Kalea is passionate about helping businesses achieve their growth goals with marketing solutions that are effective and affordable.

Starting as a hobby, Kalea is passionate about helping entrepreneurs simplify their lives and benefit from social networking. Kalea often works as an extension of her clients, allowing them to focus on income-generating activities.


VCM Strategies


Vanessa Matthew - VCM Strategies

VCM Strategies, a brand strategy consultancy on the east coast, specializes in building brands people will love and support. With a structured, streamlined process, VCM Strategies creates engaging brand guidelines using an easy-to-follow workbook to improve clients’ marketing efforts.

The owner, Vanessa C. Matthew, has her MS in integrated marketing communications, taught brand equity management and market research for WVU, and has worked for companies such as Ketchum, where she worked on the client accounts of global brands (i.e., FedEx, Chase, and Dr. Pepper.) She’s also worked with Warner Media, Fund Black Founders, and the International Association of Black Actuaries, to name a few. To provide her clients with the full branding experience, she works with trusted marketing partners.


Goldiata Creative


Goldiata Marketing Agency

Goldiata Creative is a digital marketing agency in Baltimore, MD. They help their clients achieve massive growth using powerful marketing strategies. In fact, they are so confident that their methods will generate results, they guarantee them. You get results, or you don’t pay. Clients include Johns Hopkins ziggybaby, and Room Theory.

A ROI and performance-driven agency, Goldiata services include website development, email campaigns, social media, paid advertisements, search engine optimization and more. They are a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and Small Business Enterprise (SBE) company.

Pictured here is Brian Taylor, Chief Strategy Officer and owner of Goldiata Creative, who has been recognized by the Maryland Small Business Association as a top Young Entrepreneur. His mission is to give back to Baltimore City. Specifically, helping the Baltimore City education system through volunteering and mentoring.


McLamb Group Media


McLamb Group Media Agency

McLamb Group Media is a black-owned female-led digital marketing company that has a dedicated team of digital marketing professionals with decades of internet and SEO experience. McLamb works hard to dominate and push the boundaries of the digital marketing landscape. This company was built out of client demand by the owner Anita McLamb. Anita has spent the last five years teaching others SEO and also marketing consulting to show other businesses have to achieve powerful results for their online presence and an ROI to their clients.


EraBright Digital Marketing


EraBright Digital Marketing Agency

EraBright Digital Marketing is a Black-owned digital marketing agency that specializes in lead generation via SEO, content marketing, paid advertising, website design, and more. They have a wide range of expertise in creating and implementing strategic marketing campaigns developed to generate leads and sales for businesses of all sorts.

EraBright’s mission is helping clients achieve and exceed their growth and revenue goals through affordable, revenue-driving digital marketing solutions. More importantly, they aspire to conduct themselves with respect, loyalty, and open communication with all stakeholders.

Having been in the digital marketing arena for more than a decade, founder, Jamichael Mitchell, has had a hand in generating traffic for various brands across different industries. With a B.S. in Business Management, along with a M.S. in Internet Marketing, his ability to synergize business goals with digital strategy ensures overall marketing success and client satisfaction.


Blue Surge Marketing


Blue Surge Marketing Agency

Blue Surge Marketing Agency is a Black-owned, full-service digital marketing and web design firm based in the Greater New York region that serves organizations nationwide. Services include website development, lead generation, social media management, SEO, copywriting, influencer engagement, branding, and more.

As a college student, owner Godson Michel grossed $1M in revenue in his first e-commerce store with no ad budget. Michel uses data-driven insights to empower organizations so that they can artfully leverage the growth opportunities in the ever-changing digital landscape. A growing list of credentials includes Google Ads certifications, Shopify Partner, MailChimp Partner, and HubSpot certifications in email marketing and social media. Through consulting and creative strategy, Blue Surge clients outperform expected projections.

Clients include the historic Urban League of Long Island, Westbury Arts, and the Suffolk County Chapter of Jack and Jill.


Narratent Digital Marketing



Narratent is a black-owned digital marketing agency based in Chicago. As a small group of consultants, the team offers web design, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. The company likens its approach to client work as being an in-house marketing team for business owners.

Owners Desmon Walker and Allen Shelton have spent over four years working in advertising and content marketing for large corporations and small startups. Narratent is now sought after by SMBs in Chicago, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, and around the country.


Kimmont Communications


Kimmont Communications

Kimmont Communications is a mission-driven, minority-owned marketing and branding agency based in Asheville, North Carolina. Kimmont works exclusively with non-profits, higher education, government organizations, and impact-driven companies to provide creative services, web development, and communications strategies. Their team has cut their teeth in diverse fields from finance to corporate communications to impact banking.

A boutique agency, Kimmont sets strong limits on number of clients, working with only a small number of organizations each year. This enables them to deliver quality and customization with razor sharp focus and passion. They take hands-on approach and keep everything in house. Picture above is co-founder, Justin Thompson.





Consciously®, a black-owned brand agency located in Brooklyn, New York, helps companies become a larger part of the communities they serve by Connecting Value to Values™. Services include brand strategy, brand identity, brand messaging, brand personality, brand story, copywriting, art direction, brand workshops, digital marketing, SEM, SEO, social media and reporting.

Founded in 2016 by Rai-mon Nemar Barnes as a purpose-driven outsourced marketing department, Consciously earned it’s B Corporation certification in 2020. The founder, with the help of the team, has derived a marketing method that provides practical ways to codify, share and see results from business purpose.

The agency services tech start-ups, mature brands, B Corps, and non-profits as well as black-owned, women-owned, and businesses run by historically marginalized groups.


Zora Digital


Zora Digital

Zora Digital is a Black-owned boutique marketing agency located in Chicago, Illinois that services brands with a spirit of innovation. Recognized by Clutch Certifications as “a chief innovator of digital marketing”, Zora Digital continuously exceeds the expectations of their clients by building upon current successes of finding key strategies for brands to dominate the digital landscape. Specializing in social media content strategy, SEO/SEM, retargeting tactics, and more, Zora Digital is committed to awakening brands through data insights.

Owner Yewande Odusanwo has never been satisfied with the status quo. From a young age, she has always found herself chasing new horizons, earning three different college degrees, and founding a digital marketing agency and podcast all of her own volition. Zora Digital’s long list of certifications includes Facebook Blueprint and Google-certified Partner among others. Clients include Jamaican Mango + Lime, Zonddi Furniture, ConceiveAbilities, and many others.



Avidli marketing agency

Founded in 2019 by Deidre Osei, Avidli LLC is a boutique marketing agency that works with small and mid-sized socially conscious brands to create meaningful marketing strategies that focus on collaboration and building impactful communities. The company is based in Los Angeles, CA and offers creative solutions to help clients with branding, search engine optimization (SEO) management, social media and content marketing. The company’s vision is to empower organizations to be pioneers of purpose, leading the digital world to make authentic connections, engage their community, raise funds, sell products and much more.



b.iD Creative

Founded in April 2014 by Dana Hewling, Houston-based B.ID LLC is a full-service, dedicated branding and marketing solutions agency that provides branding, logo design, print, graphic & web design, public relations and an array of marketing solutions.

The majority of their clients are minority-owned businesses or organizations that make a difference in their respective communities. B.ID helps these businesses and organizations find the solutions necessary to help them build connections and achieve goals in a remarkable way.

They work with leaders to help them obtain the recognition they seek by implementing branding strategies that elevate their organizations in ways they haven’t seen before. In their words, “Great branding can change perceptions and attitudes, helping to create necessary action by target audiences.”

Day Dream Design Firm


Day Dream Design Firm
Day Dream Design Firm, an Arkansas based branding company, specializes in brand strategy, website development, and social media branding for service providers. Founded in 2018 by Maya Gray, the company is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs by giving them access to luxury branding services at an affordable price.

Gray is focused on building relationships in her local community by connecting her clients with resources that help them grow their businesses. The firm also recently launched options to offer low-interest financing for new businesses emerging in Central Arkansas. 

“Always Give Back is one of our core values. We can now begin to financially support other dreamers working hard to establish themselves within their careers. This design firm is dedicated to a meaningful part in the success stories of others who are also striving to make a positive impact in the world,” said Gray.

Timu Marketing Agency


Based in Seattle, Timu Marketing is helping brand’s find their voice by creating custom marketing and sales strategies. From planning to execution, they are experts in boosting their clients’ brands in the digital marketplace. Services include branding, sales funnels, ad management, social media management, market research and content marketing.

Founder and Lead Marketing Strategist, Louis Newkirk, is passionate about working 1-on-1 with business owners who are looking to grow their business. Newkirk is an experienced marketer, working with Fortune 500 giants such as Microsoft and Costco, to small business owners, startups, and nonprofits.

Timu Marketing is a DigitalMarketer Certified Partner, and is also recognized as a Top 20 Digital Marketing Agency in Seattle in 2021 by DesignRush.

Black Digital


Based in Washington D.C., Black Digital is a purpose-driven marketing agency that works with social-sector organizations to advance their missions. Black Digital features a multidisciplinary team of creative experts that spans more than 25 years. Services include website solutions, digital advertising and branding.

The agency was founded in 2017 by Mike Utaegbulam, a digital marketing expert with more than 16 years of experience managing and developing large-scale multi-channel communications campaigns for various industries such as non-profit, government-funded programs and higher education institutions.

ALJ Digital


ALJ Digital

ALJ Digital is a firm that helps advertising agency partners provide digital marketing services to their clients. Services include social media management, digital advertising, and the Social Media Success Bootcamp. This full-service digital marketing firm is based outside of Chicago but offers services to clients nationwide.

Founder Ashley L. James has spent more than nine years in digital marketing and advertising. She works to support and empower her clients to create a digital presence that represents them in their best light.


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