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Ruby Slipper is closed

Thank you for your interest! As of June 30th, 2024 — and after 22 years — Ruby Slipper has closed its doors.

We are so grateful for the incredible non-profit organizations we have worked with over these past two decades. You are making such a difference in our world.

Solving problems. Building community. Creating hope. And most importantly, making the world a better place.

Thank you for walking with us on the yellow brick road!

Our award-winning HCCSO website.
Creating a winning non-profit website

5 must-haves for a winning non-profit website

In this fantastic (and free) guide, you’ll learn how to make your non-profit website work as your digital stage, your mission amplifier, and an engaging hub for your online community.

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The Ford Family Foundation
Health Care Coalition of Southern Oregon
Wind River Tribal Buffalo Initiative
Asante Foundation
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Ruby Slipper was an award-winning digital marketing agency based in Oregon. We worked with non-profits and foundations all over the country, from sweet Southern Oregon to the front range of Colorado and beyond. We loved illuminating our clients’ amazing work and growing their fanbases.

My name is Erin and I started Ruby Slipper in 2002. During our 22 years in business, I collaborated with an incredible team of experts. Together, we embraced strategic thinking, impeccable design aesthetic, technical know-how, and strong communication skills… with plucky enthusiasm!

I am particularly proud of our sparkling track record — take a peek at the testimonials from the amazing non-profits we served.

Our focus was nonprofits. We know how hard you work and we want your organization to thrive, connect, engage, ignite the passion that lives in each of our hearts, and ultimately, to make a positive change.

Erin O'Kelley Muck, owner of Ruby Slipper Designs

“This is a lineup of true professionals. The site is visually wonderful, targets multiple audiences, and provides a large amount of information and resources. I wholeheartedly recommend the Ruby Slipper team!”



Ruby Slipper is honored to have been recognized as an award-winning web design agency.

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