Our Services

Creative capabilities

We love helping businesses flourish by executing a stunning and cohesive look-and-feel across all mediums. Our foundation is in website design, and over the years a team of experts has blossomed who can craft logos, signage, online events, campaign websites – all focused on increasing audience engagement.

Web design

Our Ruby Slipper team works with businesses to transform their online presence and increase their flow of leads. We are perfectionists and love building gorgeous sites!

Branding & graphic design

Branding — the interwoven tapestry of design, color, language, and experience — all combining to cultivate in a very specific feeling.

Online marketing

Hello Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn! Hello website loaded with juicy keywords, and great content that keeps readers coming back for more. This and more is the world of web marketing!

Ruby Care

Protect your site from internet threats and security breaches. Keep it up-to-date with the latest software, theme, and plug-in updates so that it performs at its best. Do it with Ruby Care!

Web Hosting & Domains

Ruby Slipper recommends Happy Dog for secure WordPress optimized website hosting and domain registration. Your web site deserves the best hosting environment possible. Happy Dog offers hosting for every size web site, from personal home pages to large corporate ecommerce sites.

“Erin is like a bubble of positive energy floating through the web design world—she’s got an exceptional visual sense, a lot of enthusiasm for what she does, and the desire and ability to communicate well with those who hire her. It’s always a great experience.”

– JULIE WURTH, La Clinica