Climate Pledge

Committed to our planet

Ruby Slipper acknowledges climate science and is committed to reducing our greenhouse gases. We think of the future generations, the beautiful land, the boundless sea, the intricate ecosystems, all the creatures — great and small — and we pledge to do what we can to keep our planet habitable. Below we highlight a few of our passion projects.


Ecochallenge inspires people to take responsibility for the earth. During a challenge, we collectively take action, learn, share reflections, and track successes — all the while collecting points and competing across teams.

Ruby Slipper founder Erin O’Kelley Muck leads a handful of ecochallenges throughout the year — such as the Plastic Free challenge in July, the People’s Challenge in October, the wildcard challenge every Earth Month (like Project Drawdown). Join her team, the Siskiyou Climate Crew, to participate in a challenge and make a difference!

Carbon Offsets


Our organization has reduced our carbon footprint with Cool Effect, and is carbon-neutral-certified. Through their projects, we cancel out a portion of our emissions that cannot otherwise be reduced. Their projects include planting trees, wind energy, methane capture, clean-burning cookstoves, and protecting habitat / avoiding nature loss.

Cool Effect also offers guidance on other ways we can all help, in areas like commuting, air travel, food waste, fast fashion, red meat, electricity, and shipping. With just a few lifestyle changes, we can reduce our carbon, improve quality of life, and make sure the planet stays cool and clean for generations to come.


Southern Oregon Climate Action Now is a grassroots, volunteer, non-profit organization of residents in Southern Oregon who care about climate change and have joined forces to take bold action against it. Through volunteer projects, they focus on reducing the impacts of Global Warming across Southern Oregon.

Founder Erin O’Kelley Muck took the 2020 Master Climate Protector course, a comprehensive 10-week training that covered climate change science and the impacts on key sectors of energy, transportation, agriculture, water, and health. In addition, Ruby Slipper Designs is a member of Businesses Taking Action, which explores the relationships between local businesses, consumers, and ecosystems, to create a sustainable community for the future.