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Ruby Slipper’s work focuses on non-profits, foundations, and mission-driven businesses. Our team in Ashland, Oregon works with a select number of organizations each year to transform their online presence and amplify their message.

Since 2002, we have been a leader in our field. With our impeccable design aesthetic, technical savvy, and dedication to clear communication, your organization is in expert hands.

Why Ruby Slipper?


  • Trusted by top organizations because of the value we provide. View our track record of happy clients!
  • We invent clear, strategic, and innovative ways to share your message with your audience.
  • We are dreamers and brainstomers — we LOVE coming up with creative, engaging ideas.
  • We are thorough, detail-oriented, reliable, and make communication a priority.
  • We are an unbeatable combo of joy meets business.

Our mission

To create inspiring and impactful web experiences for non-profit organizations that are making a positive difference in the world.

Through engaging marketing creations, we amplify our clients’ messages to inspire action.

Using our proven Emerald Process, we provide unprecedented customer service, creative strategy, and technical expertise — and deliver transformational results.

Our committments


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Ruby Slipper has had the honor of working with a diverse group of people from many walks of life, as both contractors and clientele.
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The Environment

Ruby Slipper is committed to reducing our greenhouse gases. We pledge to do what we can to keep our planet habitable.
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Honoring Indigenous People

We offer gratitude for the land in this state called Oregon, for those who have cared for it throughout generations.
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Our core values



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Team Players


Friendly Expertise



Ruby Slipper is honored to be recognized as an award-winning web design agency. We recently received Gold from the Hermes Creative Awards, dotCOMM Awards, and the Davey Awards, Silver from the W3 Awards, and Bronze from the Indigo Design Award in the social change category.

2022 Awards
The Ford Family Foundation
Wind River Tribal Buffalo Initiative
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Southern Oregon Goodwill logo
Asante Foundation logo
Ruby Slipper Designs

Meet our team

Erin O’Kelley Muck

Owner & Project Manager ~ Our Glinda the Good Witch

Although Erin doesn’t flit about the office in a tiara, she is known for her bubbly yet steady presence, the perfect guide for any website endeavor. Founder of Ruby Slipper Designs, Erin values creative collaboration, thoughtful planning, and a dedication to excellent work.

She loves the energy that comes from watching an idea come to fruition… as the masterful execution of strategy becomes beautiful design. It’s exhilarating to launch a site and watch an organization grow because of our plan.

Erin has owned Ruby Slipper website design company in Oregon since 2002. Prior to that, she worked at Girvin in Seattle, VR-1 video game company in Boulder Colorado, and at Quark publishing in Denver.

Originally from Colorado, Erin has been living in the Pacific Northwest since 2000.

Erin O'Kelley-Muck

Web Designer ~ Our Dorothy

Come along and walk the yellow brick road with our Dorothy! Combining two of Ruby Slipper’s favorite things, Linnea adds years of experience in project management and web design realms, as well as longevity in the non-profit field. Whatever our clients need, Linnea brings excitement, professionalism, and the highest level of customer service.

When she’s not swooping in to save the day, tinkering with sites, or fighting website gremlins, you will find Linnea playing a board game, baking bread, playing with her dog, or trying out a new crafty hobby in rural Vermont (where she lives).


Copywriter & Web Marketing ~ Our Scarecrow

Rachel weaves her skills in copywriting and digital marketing to bring our clients’ voices to life. With over a decade of experience in online marketing (and a lifetime love-affair with syntax and grammar), she helps create messaging and strategies that beam with clarity, intention, and purpose.

Away from the computer, you’ll find Rachel posted up at a campsite in the woods, learning to fly, or running on local mountain trails. She and her family also enjoy paddle boarding, restaurant-hopping, and playing tourist her home town of Ashland, Oregon.


Web Designer ~ Our Lioness

Dená is a talented web designer who is passionate about working with businesses and non-profits who are making a positive impact in the world. She approaches web design as a puzzle that involves creative problem-solving. She designs by the motto: form follows function. She loves creating clear, easy-to-navigate websites that visually captivate potential supporters and help clients tell their unique story.

When she is not discovering elegant font combinations or fresh color palettes, she is exploring local hiking spots, drinking tea, and enjoying the hot springs.


Programmer ~ Our Emerald City Architect

With her infectious optimism and breadth of technical know-how, Fiew makes the web glitter and come to life. She thrives where visual design and front-end web development come together to create smooth and memorable user experiences. Growing up in northern Thailand before she was whisked away to the Pacific Northwest, Fiew has always played an active and contributing role in her local communities. She understands the importance of audience engagement, the delight of a fulfilling a diversity of user journeys, and the joy of placing the yellow bricks in the road that guide them.

When she isn’t writing code and building sparkly things for you to interact with, you can find Fiew toiling away in her garden, stretching out for a breath of fresh air with some yoga, or taking her kids hiking in the lush forests of southern Oregon.


Graphic Designer ~ Our Tin Woman

Our graphic designer, Ashley is the embodiment of heart. Her joy is effusive and her talents immense. She has a passion for helping organizations develop and build their brand.

Bringing concepts to life creatively and visually makes her tick. If she isn’t going to town on a new logo or design layout, you’ll find her drinking a local beer (or coffee) while simultaneously attempting to keep her three boys from wrestling, and planning her family’s next getaway somewhere in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


Office Manager, Marketing, & HR ~ Our Wickedly Organized Witch

With a bird’s eye view of all operations (from her broomstick, of course!), Laura uses her wickedly good organization and business skills to keep everyday (and big picture!) business functions running smoothly. She’s part of our stellar social media team and has a knack for shaping strategy and helping brands build relationships with their community. Laura helps streamline communication, create efficient processes, and implement strategic marketing and sustainablility initiatives. She loves helping mission-driven businesses and organizations meet their goals and make a positive impact in their communities, and world.

When she parks her broomstick, you can find Laura chasing her twin toddlers, running local trails, sipping an IPA, or desperately trying to catch up on sleep.


Programmer & Web Host ~ Our Man Behind the Curtain

Our talented programmer Dana runs Happy Dog Web Hosting. Happy Dog started out as a small web design firm in 2002 and built a ton of great sites, only to see them suffer from poorly performing hosting. That’s when Dana decided to branch into the hosting business so his websites would perform at the highest level possible.

Dana also offers custom programming, specializing in WordPress theme customization and custom plugins. His favorite challenge is writing code that allows WordPress to do something it was never intended to do. Dana’s programming magic has infused nearly all Ruby Slipper sites, to everyone’s great benefit.

Away from the office, Dana is a passionate trail runner and sampler of fine IPAs from the many excellent breweries in Missoula, Montana.


Guest WordPress Programmer

Wes Straham is a WordPress enthusiast and Genesis WordPress developer. Founder of Appfinite, Wes’s company builds responsive WordPress themes. Wes has collaborated with Ruby Slipper on several projects, including Southern Oregon Goodwill, Ashland Community Health Foundation, and Merle Chambers Fund. Wes lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and four children.



Hello, my name is Erin O’Kelley Muck and I own Ruby Slipper Designs, located in Southern Oregon. Since 2002, my business has dedicated itself to creating websites that are solid, beautiful, and successful. We focus on collaborating with nonprofits, medical groups, and commercial clients. Our process is clear and we navigate technology with warmth, good nature, and vast expertise.

Our focus is always on your strategic goals. Your success is our success. We offer website development, online marketing, branding, and graphic design. Ruby Slipper is truly magical and ready to support you. Our team is comprised of programmers, designers, copywriters, social media, and SEO experts. You can find us at www.rubyslipper.com to learn more about our services. We look forward to meeting you!

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