The Health Care Coalition of Southern Oregon actively engages community members and healthcare professional in Josephine, Douglas, and Jackson counties, with the mission that everyone should have the opportunity to attain their highest level of health.

HCCSO Responsive Design


We had several big challenges to overcome! First, one of their key events, the in-person Welcome Baby shower, was (like everything else) completely thrown by COVID-19. How would they get valuable information and resources to new moms and families in Josephine and Douglas counties? Second, HCCSO’s federal and state grants may change over time — so the site needs to highlight current programs yet be nimble for what the future holds. Third, how do they effectively tell the story of WHY the Healthy Start program exists, and why it’s so crucial to our communities?

““The Ruby Slipper team completely transformed our HCCSO website into an accessible, educational, and visually engaging piece of art.”

– Amy Thuren, Executive Director, HCCSO

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Collaboration! The HCCSO-Ruby Slipper dream team worked together to plot a journey of web design, strategic marketing and stand-out custom graphics. Turns out, we are master brainstormers together! From our weekly group conversations, our plans arose.

We chose to focus on HCCSO’s virtual events that help our community learn, celebrate, and engage. We also charted a plan to present a HUGE amount of new baby resources to moms and caretakers in Douglas and Josephine counties (info about family planning, pregnancy, parenting, and so much more). We also knew that we wanted to clearly tell HCCSO’s story and their impact in Southern Oregon, especially the importance of a key program — Healthy Start and its Perinatal Task Force. Lastly, we refreshed HCCSO brand with a new logo, color and font treatments to match the organization’s warm-hearted mission and regional focus.

“We are forever grateful to this group of creative and inspiring women who took our vision and made it an even better reality!”

– Amy Thuren, Executive Director, HCCSO

Health Care Coalition of Southern Oregon



  • Branding & Logo Design
  • Website Plan & Direction
  • Site Architecture
  • UX / UI Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Web Design
  • Responsive Web Development
  • Content Management System
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Analytics
  • Web Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Email Marketing
Health Care Coalition of Southern Oregon
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This shiny new site won five awards! In 2021 Ruby Slipper took home three Gold Medals (from Hermes Creative Awards for Website Overall – Nonprofit category, dotCOMM Awards, and Davey Awards), a Silver Medal from the W3 Awards, and a Bronze medal in the 2021 Indigo Design Awards (Website Design for Social Change category),

We LOVE the feel of this impactful site — it’s professional, fun, happy, approachable, informative, inclusive, fresh, organized, and represents people from all walks of life. And most important, it provides valuable information for all the families it is meant to serve! Our shining gem is The Numbers & The Story page, which illustrates Healthy Start’s purpose, our stirring regional trends, and the good work that program partners are doing to improve health outcomes for infants and moms in Southern Oregon.

Beyond our initial branding and logo design work, we continue to support HCCSO and Healthy Start with marketing services to promote their new website and the dynamic resources they offer. These Ruby Slipper services include social media management, website updates, infographic design, copywriting, editing, email templating and ongoing strategic conversations about HCCSO’s audience and mission. This organization has so much to offer, and we are inspired by their passion to continually place their services into the hands of families and key partners.


Ruby Slipper is honored to have HCCSO as a repeat client — starting with a site designed in 2012, a responsive WordPress site in 2016, and now the newest iteration, unveiled in January 2021.​ We feel fortunate to embark on this bigger-picture marketing journey with HCCSO as well, and help them to amplify all the good work they do for Southern Oregon. When it comes to collaborating with clients and spreading feel-good information throughout our community, we couldn’t ask for better partners than the HCCSO team. We are thrilled to be by their side!

Healthy Start of Southern Oregon