There’s an art and a science to social media marketing.

Creating content is the artistic part, and gauging results takes numbers. Instead of posting willy-nilly to your social media channels, we recommend taking time each month to look at each of these key metrics. Then let the analytics be your guide!


Social Media Marketing Stats We’re Tracking

Most Popular Posts

What did you post that really hit the mark last month? Which was the top-viewed (most impressions) and the top-engaged (most liked and commented on). Was it a photo or video? Did you ask your followers a question they could answer? What successes can you repeat?

Follower Growth

If you’re actively inviting people to follow your pages, how are those efforts paying off? Did you lose any followers? If so, when? Check the dates of your posts to see if there’s a correlation you can address.

Follower Demographics

Who is your primary audience on each social media platform? It may very well be different on Facebook than on Instagram or LinkedIn. Tailor your content to meet your audience where they are (like focusing on younger demographics on Instagram).

Engagement Rate

This metric will show you how many of your followers are actually interacting with your content. Following is one thing, but social media is meant to be social, and ideally you want to be producing posts that your audience likes and shares.


If you’re using your social media channels to direct people back to your website, you’ll want to check and see if they’re actually doing it. How many visitors to your website came from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn? Which posts did they find enticing? Which webpages did they visit from social most often?


Just like clicks, it’s good to know how many of your followers are taking action to take you up on your proposal (like “visit our website!”) or amplifying your message to their network of friends and followers. Which of your posts were shared? Was it because they were informative/useful/funny? Or did you host a contest your followers shared the opportunity with their friends? A share on social is a big mark in your favor, to both your followers’ friends and the algorithms that determine how often your posts are seen.



Of course, we could go down the yellow-brick road of analytics all day…but these social media marketing stats will get the conversation started about using various platforms to support your goals.

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