Ruby Slipper is committed to combating climate change and reducing our greenhouse gases. We think of the beautiful land, the boundless sea, the intricate ecosystems, all the creatures — great and small — and we pledge to do what we can to keep our planet habitable.

Actions big and small both make a difference. Here are a few things The Ruby Slipper team does to reduce their impact.


“I use reusable grocery and vegetable bags, pack lunches in reusable containers, and am a member of Rogue To-Go – a program that helps eliminate disposable packaging at restaurants by using reusable take-out containers.”

Rachel uses reusable containers

“We use reusable bags when we shop and we recycle glass jars for storage and drinking glasses. We also pass along toys before buying new ones.”

“We love to compost with our handy dandy bear-proof compost bucket! When the bucket is full, we take it to our family compost pile down the road and feed some to the chickens.”

Linnea loves composting

“I shop at the local co-op grocery store and farmers market and strive to eat what’s in season. I use reusable bags and bring my own containers to buy in bulk. I also plant a garden and do a lot of foraging for apples and berries in my neighborhood.”

“I’m active in my local Buy Nothing Group. The Buy Nothing Project is a global program aimed at buying less, sharing more, and building community. If I need something, especially for my kids, I check there first before buying. I also pass along a lot of items big and small via the group – decor, food, clothes, furniture, kids toys, and more.”

Laura supports the Buy Nothing economy

“I love my electric leaf blower — and share it with my neighbors. I drive an electric car both around town and on longer road trips. I’m active with my town’s Ashland Climate Action Team and with Southern Oregon Climate Action Now (SOCAN). When I go to cafes, I always bring a reusable cup.

Erin uses electric vehicles and equipment instead of gas-powered

“We use reusable stainless steel containers for lunches and jars or reusable silicone bags for snacks. I’m diligent about meal planning because I want to avoid food waste. And we buy second-hand as much as possible, even for gifts.”

Ashley avoids food waste and relies on reusable containers

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