A Windstorm & Spark of Fire…

On September 8, 2020, a ferocious fire tore through our valley, decimating north Ashland and the towns of Talent and Phoenix. 2500 homes were lost, countless businesses, and thousands of families displaced. 40% of families with school children in Phoenix are homeless.

Our community has risen to this crisis in beautiful and bonding ways. Our hearts are beating as one as we reach out to help our neighbors. Now, neighborhoods face the hard work of rebuilding. For all of us that call Southern Oregon home, it’s overwhelming. But there are so many ways to stay connected and help. Many have asked how. As we do our part in rebuilding our community, here are some opportunities:

Phoenix-Talent Schools

As of now, it’s estimated that Phoenix lost 80% of homes and businesses, and Talent 50%.  The Phoenix-Talent School Foundation relief fund is helping families in need.

Ashland School Foundation

Many Ashland School District families, teachers, and staff lost their homes to the Almeda Fire that swept through on the first day of school. This fund helps those whose homes were destroyed by the fire.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival

OSF has a fantastic list of websites to contribute to, such as MRG Foundation, UNETE: Migrant Farm Workers, and GoFundMe pages for actors and staff who lost homes.

Rogue Valley Recovers

Donate to local organizations who have boots on the ground. Organizations include United Way, 211, Salvation Army, YMCA, Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, La Clinica, Friends of the Animal Shelter, and more.

Rogue Credit Union

This local bank has raised an incredible amount of money thus far and is offering to match donation funds.

GoFundMe Lists

There are so many people in both Phoenix and Talent who now find themselves with utterly NOTHING. This is an incredible list of GoFundMe pages who have not received much support.

Similarly, this site also lists individual Almeda Fire GoFundMe pages.

Our Clients in Phoenix & Talent

Ruby Slipper is donating to our web clients who have been upended and are helping the community in major ways: La Clinica (helps those hardest hit), Asante Foundation’s Wildfire Fund (helps medical employees who lost their homes), Head Start (provides fire relief funds to help staff and Head Start families), Southern Oregon Goodwill (offers free items at their As-Is store to anyone who lost their home), and Helping Ashland (providing assistance to the homeless).

HUGE respect and gratitude for the BRAVE fire fighters, pilots, police officers, and volunteer angels who saved so many lives. #southernoregonstrong

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